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Here are comments customers are saying about Dignity With Diapers:

I do say you have a super product.  I've given your website out to a caregiver recently in need of a good product.  She has tried the ones we had and thought they were great as well.  I am a Customer Service Supervisor and can say honestly that I rarely find anyone as a customer that I would consider a true customer service professional.  My dealings with you to gain information, obtain samples, and ordering product have all been exceptional and top notch! You can be proud of the service and the product you supply.  Before using your product, we had many cleanups and wet nights for my parents.  After your product, life was much happier for both my parents and the caregiver. Thank you so much for making life so much easier and helping people regain their pride and ability to go out of the house without worrying about big accidents.  Continued success to you!

Gayle B., New Hampshire


I just wanted to say thank you for all your service (I don't think people say thank you enough).  You have the cheapest rates around and always deliver quickly.  My 10 year old daughter (who suffers from Autism and Epilepsy, etc. and still wears diapers) and my family appreciate your service.  Nowadays, it is rare to get great service and a great price.  Not to mention that the diapers we purchase are easy to use and really hold up well for our daughter which makes a big difference.  Thank you very much.

Tony T., St Louis, Missiouri

*Dear Sharon (Owner, Dignity With Diapers),

I would like to let anyone that is looking for a wonderful incontinence product to use the Tranquility Products you sell here.  My 11 yr. old daughter had been using goodnite products for her night time wetting for several years, however, with her growing and needing more night time protection then the goodnites could offer I began searching for a better product for her because waking up with the bedding and my daughter soaking wet was making her upset every morning.  When I contacted Sharon at Dignity With Diapers, she was most helpful and sent us samples of the ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Disposable Briefs to try.  However, the first samples were a tiny bit too small for my daughter.  I called Sharon to let her know and again Sharon was very helpful and polite and sent us a sample of the medium Tranquility ATN briefs and these fit my daughter perfect.  After the 1st night of wearing the ATN brief my daughter woke up in the morning with her night gown and bedding dry (something that has not happened in a long time) the Tranquility ATN brief was wet but not the bedding and more important my daughter said she felt dry even after wetting.  I called Sharon to place my order.  My order arrived on time and even my daughter was happy to see the order arrive since she knows that she will be able to have a restful dry sleep tonight.  Thanks again for all your help and having the Tranquility ATN briefs that not only keep my daughter dry through out the night and are comfortable to wear but also for your wonderful expert advice on choosing the right product for her.

J. Smith, Greensboro, N.C.

I have been delighted with the far superior quality and comfort of your products.  They are more comfortable and much more effective at holding moisture away from the body.  My Mom lives in assisted living and all of the care managers are encouraging other families to order from you as well after they have seen the difference between your products and other brands.  I have also been very happy with the pro-active customer service.  At one point I ordered a different item and received a phone call just to be sure.  Thank you.

Sharon O., Chicago, Illinois

Dear Sharon, I order products from your company for my son who has a seizure disorder that has severely delayed his development.  I thank you for providing affordable quality incontinence products for families such as mine.

Eric I., Cookeville, TN


I am very glad that I stumbled onto your website while browsing to find the best disposable diapers for my mother in law. Your products are of very high quality, well below the competitors price. On top of it you will find the mistakes if there is any in the usual order before you ship them which is an added advantage and makes me worry free. Your shipment is always on time. My mother is very comfortable with these diapers.On top of all these your customer service is excellent. I will definitely recommend and boldly say, your site is the best.

Bhagi P.
Escondido, CA

The reason I purchased the diapers from you was because of the samples that you had graciously sent my way.  The morals in which you run your business far surpassed my expectations which led me to place an order for a box of ATN diapers.  You have my permission to advertise this, as I have already advertised your store to other people who need incontinence supplies.  Thank you very much.  Pleasure doing business with you.  You're awsome.

Kevin F., Tolland, Connecticut

Just wanted to let you know that I have found both your product and your service to be exceptional.  The Tranquility ATN Adult Diapers that we have been using arrive within a couple of days, and we find that by purchasing them from Dignity With Diapers, they are much more affordable than buying them at our local medical supply store.  I especially appreciate the free shipping, and will continue to do business with your company.  My order today is for the SlimLine design of the Tranquility Adult Diaper, and I hope that they will perform as well.  I will continue to recommend you to others who have a need for your products, and I thank you for your professional and discreet service.

Penny M.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

We just ordered our second box of Tranquility OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear on Thanksgiving Day.  We ran out and went and bought some depends overnights with boost pads and wow what a difference!  My Mother-In-Law has been soaked every night without the Tranquility product!  We can't wait to get them here!  I am forwarding your site to a friend for her to try for her Mom.  We sure believe in this product.

Carrie F., Springfield, Oregon

I have been using Dignity With Diapers for the past several months to purchase Tranquility Disposable Underwear for my daughter who is in a wheelchair.  It is great that there is a complete description including the hip/waist size so  I know before ordering a new size if they are going to fit properly.  I always receive the shipment promptly and my daughter likes that they are in a plain brown box so the neighbors don't see what they are.  I don't even bother with trying to find the size I need in stores anymore I just use the convenient ordering online and use my paypal account to pay for them.  I highly recommend Dignity With Diapers to anyone looking for incontinence supplies.

Liz  C. Fayetteville, Georgia

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear is the best.  This price and service is also great.

Thanks, Erich J. Bridgeton, New Jersey


Dear Sharon (Owner, Dignity With Diapers),

Thank you very much for the great customer service you have.  You got back to us right away and gave us an idea of the product that worked best for my Grandma's needs.  The Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear by Tranquility is an AWESOME product.  My Grandma doesn't wet the bed anymore, and my Mom, who takes care of her can have better sleep now.  Thanks again!!!  Very grateful.

Adriana and Family. Vernon Hills, Illinois

Thank you so much for sending me samples of the booster pads.  It was helpful to be able to try them before ordering.  I have ordered some of the TopLiner Booster Countour Pads.  Although they are a little bit difficult to fit in the OverNight Disposable Underwear, I found we needed the extra absorbancy they provided.  So I went with them versus the cheaper pad.  Again thanks for your help and wonderful customer service.  Can't beat your prices.  Will continue to buy from you.

Richard M., La Luz, NM

I just wanted to share how pleased I am with your product.  100% satisfied!  Wow!  NO MORE LEAKS!  I must have tried every product out there, And these are the best!  So comfortable, and also I have found them to be the coolest to wear, and that means alot living in the Texas Heat!  Thanks so much.

John H.
Melissa, Texas

I am so happy that I found your website.  I was so excited when I sent you an email explaining my problem with my mom, and you offered to send me some samples.  When I received the samples I took them right over to my dads house to use on my mom.  I called my dad the next morning and he said everything was great.  He didn't have to do laundry for the first time in several days.  I placed an order.  I received an email from Sharon (the owner) saying that I didn't order the product that she had sent me.  I emailed her back and said that I wanted the product that she had sent to me, the Premium OverNight Disposable Underwear.  Sharon was so great in fixing my order, she cancelled the one order and ordered the correct item.  I don't know of many companies that would have done that.  I had my order within three days.  My dad is a much happier person these days, and I am sure my mom feels better also.  Thanks for having such a great product at a reasonable price.  I will definitely order from you again.

Kathy R., Baltimore, MD


I have a handicapped son that is incontinent.  During the daytime this is usually easily manageable, but night time was always a problem until I discovered Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear.  Josh typically soaked through other night time products.  That meant he was awake and unhappy, and I had a bed to change at 2:00 a.m. most nights.  I am a nurse and have used multiple incontinence products, and this diaper/pullup/underwear absorbs an enormous amount of liquid without being unusually bulky.  I would highly recommend Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear to any parent or caregiver that has a loved one or client that consumes a normal amount of liquid during the day, and therefore, needs really great protection at night.  I certainly have gotten a lot more sleep and so has my son since we begun to use Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear.  And you can add that your website keeps the price low enough that those of us without extraordinary means can afford Tranquility products.

Laurie S., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Dear Sharon (Owner, Dignity With Diapers),

I wanted to let you know that the Premium OverNight Underwear are working fantastic for the 90 year old lady I am caregiver for.  They are what we have been looking for!  As soon as her supply gets low we will be ordering from you again.

Dee M.,Louisberg, KS


Just wanted to say I wish I knew about the Tranquility Briefs sooner.  They are the best.  Before my Mother started using them, we had to change Mom's bed linens every morning.  Also during the day, we had to change the pads and towels on the chair my Mother sits on during the day.  Now that we are using the Tranquility Briefs, we no longer have all the laundry.  I googled the Tranquility Briefs and found the Dignity With Diapers website.  I am very happy with their service.  I highly recommend the briefs and Dignity With Diapers.

Eileen R. and Florence K., Holt, MI

Thank you for the samples, we've already ordered and received our first case of the Tranquility Premium OverNight Pull-On Disposable Absorbent Underwear.  So they are working out well for us and mornings are now a lot cleaner and less stressful.  Thanks again, we appreciate your help.

Fil J., Hurlock, MD

My Grandmother is 86 and suffers with incontinence.  We had tried all kinds of diapers with no good results.  Finally we found your website and ordered the Premium OverNight Disposable Underwear by Tranquility and she has had very few accidents and also can travel and sleep without worry!  Thanks...we highly recommend.  Excellent products. 

Erin L., McNeill, Mississippi


Just a note to say that I am extremely pleased with your Service and Products.  I have been ordering online with direct delivery to the Nursing Home for my 100 year old Father.  Prompt service and excellent source.  Thank you.

Judith S., Sarasota, Florida



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